Sophie Villy

alternative, indie, blues, ukrainian, uvarious artists

Sophie Villy is a free spirit musician and singer/songwriter, one who lives, feels and improvises. Sophie has been singing since she was three. Her music is “inspired” by her ballet dancer mother, Mila, and influenced by her musician father, David, who used to gather an intimate circle of friends for regular sessions in his “Music Lair” – a room smelling of “autumn, wine and cigars” - at their home in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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    1 Connected levgenik 4:06
    2 Dude levgenik 5:01
    3 His Grandma levgenik 3:39
    4 I Need to Share levgenik 2:24
    5 Man In The Mist levgenik 4:21
    6 Position levgenik 3:45
    7 Quiet Again levgenik 4:36
    8 Reveal Bloodstream 3:49
    9 Sophie Villy - I Told You levgenik 4:00
    10 They Worry levgenik 3:30
    11 Who levgenik 3:56