dubstep, stoner rock, psytrance, space rock, psychedelic rock

There are at least eight artists using this name. (1) Mantis is a dubstep duo from Atlanta, Georgia formed in 2011. Comprised of producers/dj’s Taylor Scott and Paul Ollinger, Mantis was formed in early 2011. Shortly after releasing their first track, ‘Feast’, Mantis began gaining speed and notoriety in Atlanta and surrounding areas. After only a few months of producing, they were releasing original tracks on Play Me, Heavy Artillery, and BroTown Records while making a name for themselves outside of Georgia and even the country.

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    Сборники, в которые входят композиции Mantis

    # Альбом Год Источник Время
    1 Hard & Death Dubstep Vol.2 Pavel1982 5:27
    2 Hard & Death Dubstep Vol.5 Pavel1982 4:12

    Композиции Mantis

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    # Альбом Источник Время
    1 Gods Pavel1982 4:31
    2 Shit Talk Pavel1982 4:12
    3 Ruthless Pavel1982 5:27