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When it came time to cut a solo album, Spiderbait's co-vocalist and percussive lynchpin Kram had a deceptively simple philosophy. "I wanted it to be like a radio station where all the songs sound like different bands but its all played by one person," he explains. "The premise of the whole album was to be constantly changing your approach musically." It's hard to believe that it's taken Kram this long to put out a record under his own name.

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    # Альбом Источник Время
    1 Carol Of The Kram Pavel1982 4:41
    2 Perversity Pavel1982 4:52
    3 Riddim Pavel1982 3:58
    4 Swag Fags & Hipsters Pavel1982 3:49
    5 SwagFags Hipsters HAHOmexaHik 3:49
    6 Tetris Pavel1982 3:16
    7 The Beard HAHOmexaHik 3:51
    8 The Smell Pavel1982 4:21