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Asianova 'Burning the Blue Skies Black' was the first work to be produced and "released" on CD and we are also now passing the tenth anniversary of this wondrous series of collaborations featuring the members of VOICE OF EYE and Ure Thrall along with his partner at the time, chanteuse Pamela Passmore. Back in 1991-2 the scenario was basically just two friendly couples spacing the night away on a wild ride through self-manifested cosmosonic drifts.

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    # Альбом Источник Время
    1 Flute Lupes Vell-t 5:34
    2 'S Un Bearable Vell-t 6:57
    3 Trieste Vell-t 4:37
    4 Fallen Out of This Guy Vell-t 9:30
    5 Harmonic on Virgins Vell-t 6:01
    6 Chaotic Fission Vell-t 8:16
    7 Chaotic Vision Vell-t 6:14
    8 Pounding Vell-t 7:17
    9 Burning the Blue Skies Black Vell-t 20:28
    10 Falling Vell-t 25:17