The Material

alternative, alternative rock, female vocalists, punk rock, rock

San Diego, California. The Material catapulted in the national center of attention of energetic groups. With their debut release of EP "Tomorrow" (2007), The Material effectively drew attention from repeated news agencies including television, the Internet, radio, and even of video game. In March 2010, The Material let out the new single called, "What Happens Next" which is now an introduction song of a subject on the Australian TV show of Reality of "Freshwater Blue".

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Композиции The Material

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# Альбом Источник Время
1 A World Outside LYTIK 2:43
2 Appearances LYTIK 3:16
3 Bird Without Wings LYTIK 3:36
4 I'd Be Lying LYTIK 3:18
5 I'm Alive LYTIK 3:43
6 Let You Down LYTIK 3:44
7 Stay Here Forever LYTIK 3:15
8 The Only One LYTIK 4:06
9 This Is Goodbye LYTIK 3:19
10 What Happens Next LYTIK 3:44
11 What We Are LYTIK 3:10