Pat Appleton

lounge, downtempo, easy listening, acid jazz, female vocalists

Born the daughter of a German mother and a Liberian father, Pat Appleton spent most of her childhood and all her school days in Liberia. When she came back to Germany to study politics, she soon discovered that she could be a far better representative for music than for political affairs. After vocal training and many performances as the lead or background singer in various bands, and after excursions into advertisement and film music, she joined the sound collective De-Phazz in 1998, where she supplies lyrics and lead vocals to this day.

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    # Альбом Год Источник Время
    1 Erotic Lounge Vol.7 - Finest Pleasure 2008 Exua 4:54

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    # Альбом Источник Время
    1 Ageless Чертоффка 3:49
    2 Ageless Чертоффка 3:41
    3 Homeland Йоожа 4:24
    4 What's next? Йоожа 3:40
    5 Ageless Йоожа 3:55
    6 Cassandra Йоожа 4:15
    7 Smart Traveller Йоожа 3:46
    8 Crimson Йоожа 3:55
    9 Good Йоожа 5:10
    10 Rely Йоожа 8:00
    11 Mellow Exua 4:54