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  • Youngblood Supercult

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  • Kosmodrom


    Kosmodrom is Instrumental Stoner/Psych from Germany. Sonnenfracht is their debut EP which was released in August 2015. Sonnenfracht features 5 strong cuts of prime grade A beef

  • Blues Legend

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  • Metro 2033


    аудиокнига в хорошем качестве с муз сопровождением

  • Hazy Sea


    Instrumental stoner rock trio from Athens

  • Cosmic Fall


    Instrumentalist trio Cosmic Fall — based in Berlin

  • The White Flies


    Instrumental project from South Brazil

  • Kalamata


    Kalamata is a stoner psychedelic post rock band from Hildesheim Germany

  • Tuber


    Tuber are a band from Greece but you'd think they came from California & brought the desert with them.

  • Kalamata - You (2014)


    It's pretty cool song writing how Kalamata waits to kick the drums in after the rest of the band comes in heavy giving them that much more impact when they hit. The highlight of this track is the guitar solo which is a wah drenched tonefest with some tast