Christmas Chill Lounge Vol.2 (2018)

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    # Композиция Исполнитель Источник Время
    1 melody of love (emotional strings mix) Frank Doberitz HORRORCORE21 4:00
    2 take a breath (vocal downbeat mix) Artenovum HORRORCORE21 3:54
    3 enigmatic chiller (mystic guitar chill mix) Lebensart HORRORCORE21 5:02
    4 ehoh (mystic voice mix) Buddhatronic HORRORCORE21 4:19
    5 every little piece (voices chillout mix) Bernon HORRORCORE21 4:48
    6 come back (vocal chillout mix) Dream Project HORRORCORE21 3:40
    7 good girls heart (vocal radio mix) jean mare HORRORCORE21 3:50
    8 bittersweet Area 42 HORRORCORE21 3:31
    9 russian blue (piano chillout sphere) Newton HORRORCORE21 5:46
    10 4teen days (deep piano mix) Johannes Huppertz HORRORCORE21 5:42
    11 i'm gonna miss u Empty Rooms HORRORCORE21 4:59
    12 love theme (instrumental lounge mix) Soundset City HORRORCORE21 4:55
    13 dulcitonia (odyssey of the mind mix) friendly breaks HORRORCORE21 5:02
    14 dreamtime (artenovum chillout mix) Lebensart HORRORCORE21 5:23
    15 my book of dreams (far away mix) For Found Future HORRORCORE21 5:35
    16 leave the world behind (enigmatic close your eyes mix) Artenovum HORRORCORE21 5:25
    17 et cetera (opus chillout mix) jean mare HORRORCORE21 6:31
    18 beauty glass (far emotions mix) Mare et Monti HORRORCORE21 5:06
    19 can you hear me (cinematic vox mix) guardians of secret HORRORCORE21 5:21
    20 from the heart (guitar chillout mix) For Found Future HORRORCORE21 3:49
    21 reach for the stars (east chill mix) jean mare HORRORCORE21 5:25
    22 magic (electronic downbeat cut) book of dreams HORRORCORE21 4:55